The Quest for Comfort Enhancing Convenience & Pleasure

Our products are not just stationery and office supplies but goods
for life's convenience and pleasure.
They are not only easy to use but also comfortable to use.
They exist not only as tools, but offer convenience to life and
pleasure to carry.
We strive to create and deliver products of high originality and
values that will be continually selected by customers from all
walks of life around the world.

Correction Tape WHIPER MR Mini-roller Head Mechanism

Toward the Ultimate in Effortless & Smooth Use At any Time, by Anyone

The mini-roller head mechanism employing a mini-roller tip that realizes smooth and comfortable movement, effective tape transfer to the paper without deviation. The one-touch open/close cap protects the tape head securely for carrying around. We incorporate more features in the product, such as the 2-way function "pull for a whole sentence and push for one letter" for precise corrections, the fast-ink-absorption tape, and continue to take up the challenge of achieving the universal design requirements.

PLUS designs comfort.

Stationery Company

We develop and manufacture a wide range of products that live up to our product creation concept with new values offered to customers, environmentally friendly, and unique in both functional and design features. We have expanded overseas our manufacturing and marketing bases, realizing cost-reduction and increased
distribution channels in various markets to enable us to respond quickly to varying workstyles and distribution systems.

Special Stamping Pattern

A Neat Trick for Hiding Letters With Letters

A special stamping pattern formed by a combination of ten vertical, horizontal, and slanted alphabet letters effectively covers various typefaces for enhanced security. This is an original idea from PLUS.
The stamping device features an exclusive water-resistant, lightfast, and chemical-resistant oil-based pigment ink with outstanding concealing performance. Moreover, repeated
stamping is possible without the need for a stamp pad.

Guard Your ID Stamp ROLLER KES'PON


Reliable World Quality

PLUS Vietnam Plant No. 1 (Bien Hoa Plant): approx. 26,400 sqm

Starting as a manual assembly and processing plant, its production is increasingly automated for improved
efficiency. It produces numerous stationery products, including correction tapes, glue tapes, and filing products such as paper files, PP folders and binders, and staplers.

PLUS Vietnam Plant No. 2 (Nhon Trach Plant): approx. 30,400 sqm

In operation since 2010, the plant mainly runs high-volume automated production of metal stationery items, such as staples and clips.

Molding Factory: approx. 5,600 sqm

Vietnam Domestic Sales Office

Number of employees: approx. 2,511
(as of October, 2013)
Certification attained: ISO9001/2008

Turning out over 1,500 SKUs of product, PLUS Vietnam's production, with efficiency and quality improved ever more, has increased over the years. It reached a world record level in 2011 for the highest production volumes of correction tapes, PP folders, and Guard Your ID Stamps ever shipped.

Van Ngoc Diep
Van Ngoc Diep
Technical Development Dep.

The economic globalization appears to have heated up the market competitions.
To survive in this environment, we need to produce low-priced, high-quality products, that will in turn require constant innovations and improvements to the methods of production for higher production efficiency, which I believe is the most important goal for us to achieve.
I take pride in working with PLUS VIETNAM INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., one of the leading stationery manufacturers in the world. Since I joined PVI I've been assigned to work in the Technical Development
Department. I am taking charge of designing and developing jigs, tools and fixture that are instrumental in reducing production costs, improving production efficiency and product quality. Automation of assembly lines is our next task. This will enable us to reduce production costs, which will strengthen the competitiveness of our products. It is my dream to see PLUS's products purchased and satisfied by a great number of customers around the world.
Making the most of college learning and work experience in my daily tasks, I hope to be able to contribute toward our company's success.