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PLUS‘s world standard products are supported by our valued user’s

  • PLUS ベトナム工場

    Vietnam Plant

    The correction tape PP holder, and GUARD YOUR ID STAMP, etc.
    manufacture 1,500 super-one present item.

  • Shanghai/Shantou Plant


    China is a manufacturing base of the stationery and business supplies that follow Vietnam.



    Sending base PLUSLAND that lives together naturally magnificent

The PLUS Group Companies Meet the Globalization Challenges Together With Our Customers & Business Partners

The PLUS Group

Discovering, inventing, and idea-making from the customers’perspective: the PLUS Group is moving forward together with all of you

Our business ranges from development and manufacture of office furniture and
stationery / office supplies to our Askul and Biznet logistics services. The PLUS Group philosophy is aimed at achieving customer staisfaction and creative business methods.
Operating in three divisions - Manufactures, Logistics Services, and Logistics Support - the 6 members
and 11 companies of the PLUS Group continually seek to discover needs from the customers’perspective and to
invent and conceive new products and services.
We will continue to be a powerful partner for all of our customers in the future.