Delivering Japan's Highest Quality to the World Markets in Joint Efforts with Our Partners

Delivering Japan's Highest Quality to the World Markets in Joint Efforts with Our Partners

PLUS's world standard products are supported by our valued users, and marketing and
manufacturing partners around the world.

Our technical strength is to enable us to competently meet the user satisfaction.
Our Japanese quality created based on accumulated technical know-how is being sustained by
our worldwide partners.

Vietnam Plant


The creation of a favorable work environment fosters employees' quality consciousness.

The Vietnam Plant takes pride in producing high quality products and in the quality culture that has taken deep root.
Staff members have defined aims, striving to accomplish them, and evaluating results using visual
controls. The staff members' dedication, perseverance and high technical skill result in a remarkable achievement in customer satisfaction, as reflected by the number of complaints being as low as 0.5 against 10 million products in 2011.

Commitment to the International Community's Requirements

Our plants are obligated more than just to assure high quality products.

We commit to uphold the fundamental rights of workers protected under the applicable laws of the relevant countries, such as
undertaking safeguards against employment of workers under the age of 16, having work
procedures communicated in the official national languages used by the workers, addressing issues related to human rights, environmental
responsibility, bribery prevention, etc.

We have been supplying our products on OEM basis to international supply chains, and our plants have passed stringent audits for conformance to customers' requirements from time to time.
We will persevere in our commitment to achieving both employee and customer satisfaction.

  No.1(Bien Hoa Plant) 26,400sqm
  No.2(Nhon Trach Plant) 30,400sqm
Number of employees: 2,511 (as of October 2013)
Certification attained: ISO9001/2008


Technical assistance by Japanese staff member


Healthy staff canteen menu

Shanghai, Shantou PLUS

For over two decades, PLUS has been focusing on the business opportunities in our neighboring Asian countries.
Following the success of the Vietnam factory in 1995, PLUS has established two additional stationery plants in China;Shantou Plant in 2000, followed by Shanghai Plant in 2005.
Since establishment, the plants have been through continuous renovations in order to respond to the changing economy.
Now, focusing more on delivering high quality PLUS products to the growing Chinese domestic market, each staff member is improving themselves by acquiring higher technical skills through worker education and training programs.


Shanghai Plant

Expanding its plant capacity in 2012, Shanghai Plant now concentrates on producing files, printing labels, and correction tapes directed at its domestic market.
With a plan to automatize the production lines in the near future, the plant continues to improve its product quality as well as productivity.

Number of employees: 320 (as of October 2013)
Certification attained: ISO9001


Shantou Plant

In addition to copyboard and electronic equipment, in 2012, Shantou Plant began manufacturing whiteboards.
Developing unique and sophisticated products, it aims to introduce new meeting styles by building sales networks in China with its local partner distributors.

Number of employees: 187(as of October 2013)
Certification attained: ISO9001

Maebashi Plant


Creative Cost-reduction Implementation

At the Maebashi Plant we have 20 years experience of cost-reduction implementation. We have
developed desks less costly than ever before by taking steps to reduce costs while improving quality of parts, such as through continual reviews of minimum quantity of parts, standardization of parts, etc.
Through product development stages we have acquired numerous invaluable technical know-how that in turn benefits us in solving challenging issues concerning quality, cost, safety, etc. Looking ahead, we strive to be always trusted by our customers as a reliable company for our unwavering and persevering improvement efforts.

  Super Factory 40,330sqm
  The Atelier Factory 12,560sqm
  Site area 463,595sqm
Number of employees: 259 (as of October 2013)
Certification attained: ISO9001,14001

  • Design diagram/Prototype

    Design diagram/Prototype

  • Steel top-board processing

    Steel top-board processing