Office Furniture


Function Enhances Quality & Design

"High Quality, Low Cost, Good Design".
They are the underlying principles of PLUS office furniture.
A desired function embodies the quality and design that satisfy the user's heart's desire, at an affordable price.
Furthermore, the high-quality, intimate original features increase usability and comfort, make your work enjoyable and neat.
The KTG product series makes the most of the ingenious technology and know-how acquired from the long-standing tradition of uncompromising product creation.
A new step forward for PLUS Office Furniture.

* Note:
KTG are the initials of the following phrases:
K for "Kouhinshitsu" ("high quality" in Japanese),
T for "Teikakaku" ("low cost" in Japanese), and
G for "Good Design"
Standard Desk US

Where the Key to the Future Lies.

The keyhole is located on the right of the easy-to-lock central drawer.
This single-point locking activates simultaneous locking of all other drawers
(up to 7), using the one-action locking mechanism.
The one-key locking system, that is locking/unlocking all drawers/cabinets
with a single key, comes in handy not only for desk applications but also for
installed cabinets and storage.


Furniture Company

Taking seriously the theme "strengthening our competence to meet the user needs", the Sales Division and Manufacturing Division have put in utmost coordinated efforts in making the most of the contacts with customers. We strive toward creating markets for new-standard office furniture, turning to advantage the technical know-how and experience acquired over the years, aiming at realizing our product creation objective for "high quality, low cost, and good design".


Latest White ShellSleek curves for enhanced comfort

The shapely curvilinear shell and cushions snugly conform to your body's contours.
A unique design of PLUS with your utmost comfort in mind.
Simple and in abundant variations to dress up your office.

Office Chair U Chair

Maebashi Plant

Striving to Become Japan's No.1 Desk Manufacturing Factory

Striving to Become Japan's No.1 Desk Manufacturing Factory

Super Factory (40,330 sqm)

The Center Factory produces desks and storage cabinets, and the Painting Factory  specializes in assembling chairs. The adjacent Logistic Center makes direct deliveries of products to customers.

* Center Factory: 19,174 sqm
* Logistic Center: 9,917 sqm
* Painting Factory : 9,256 sqm
* Offices: 1,983 sqm

The Atelier Factory (12,560 sqm)

The manufacturing factory has a prototyping laboratory, workshop for custom orders, and manufacturing factory for new types of wooden furniture.
Cellular manufacturing model is adopted for the overall operations, realizing flexible small-volume production of numerous items.

Site area: 463,595 sqm
Number of employees: 259 (as of October, 2013)
Certification attained: ISO14001, 9001

The Maebashi Plant with 20 years experience of cost reduction has made utmost efforts not only in increasing production capacity but also in furthering the quality level. Our custom-order production line is equipped with multifunction double-processing operation machinery of advanced technical level. Among the employees involved in the operations are many highly skilled-workers who are qualified in national or regional certification examinations.

Tsutomu Numajiri
Tsutomu Numajiri
Furniture Machine Processing Skilled Worker
Grade 1,Parts Assembly Sec., Manufacturing Dep., Atelier Factory

A furniture machine processing skilled worker qualified at national certificate examinations is knowledgeable about the materials and machine tools for wood furniture manufacturing, and is able to turn such production skill to advantage.
The technical know-how comes in handy for my work duties at the Atelier Factory, in ordinary work as well as in processing and assembling of custom-made products, in witnessing constructions, giving advices on the processing method and production procedures for prototypes of new products, or technical guidance to overseas affiliated companies (in China), etc.
While cooperating with our overseas colleagues in manufacturing our products,
I learn how to overcome the various problems encountered: the language barrier, different concept toward quality, how to communicate correctly and maintain our required precision and quality level, despite my limited language ability and without the help of a translator.
I wish to further improve my technical know-how, with a view to realizing globalization, taking new challenges in the production of the KTG product series, in giving techical guidance and collaborative work with our overseas affiliates.