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For creative meetings

 Our Meeting Products Business is conducted based on the concept of “contributing to society by providing creative meeting solutions”.
 We have been a pioneer in the field since we released the world’s first COPYBOARD in 1984, and we continue to refine the basic functionality of products. Even in modern times when computers, smartphones and other electronic devices are widely used, the analog culture remains unchanged, which involves writing to convey, organizing to overview. For this immutable culture, we pursue basic functions such as the feel of writing, the erasability, and the print quality of our products. We continue to maintain our position as the industry leader by appropriately responding to social infrastructure such as networking sup-port and security enhancement. Being mindful of the uniqueness and user-friendliness, we have recently been engaged in planning and developing products, such as net-work boards, the written contents on which can be emailed by using employee ID cards and saved on servers by dedicated cards, as well as white boards that are more applicable to changing work styles and comfortable and convenient in open-space working environments. With Copy boards and white boards as our core product domain, we will continue to hone technologies derived from our devel-opment processes and to create more new products.