Creative Meeting Gives Shape to Conception

We believe that the ability to sum up peoples' rich ideas and information in an expeditious and agreeable manner and then give shape to them would help bring about a wealthier society. We have pursued our product development towards the ultimate goal.
The machines that we produce, without sidetracking the reasoning and enthusiasm in progress at meetings, are tools comfortable and agreeing with the user's body language, and consequently help generate quickly new values accessible for sharing anywhere.

Copyboard N-204

Data can be stored, verified and accessible for sharing

Written text can be printed out, or which data can be stored on the network where its validity can be verified by a new built-in
function. It allows you to concentrate on discussing without the need to take notes. Furthermore, the main memory with a storage capacity of up to 100 writing pages provides ample internal memory storage. Its lightweight, slim design permits easy moving and neatly fitting into tight space. It also features smooth manual sheet
forwarding or rewinding to match the usage conditions.

Creative Meeting

Vision division

Since our launch of the world's first-ever copyboard, we remain to be the industry leader pioneering in the development of highly ingenious products, living up to our commitment to "contributing to society through offering creative meeting solutions". We strive to sustain our core competence in copyboard, continue to create innovative products using the enhanced optical technology based on in-house developments.

Creative Meeting

Portable, Attachable, Projectable, Write-in

The UPIC series comes in two product types: the film-type with double-sided adhesive for use on glass panels or walls, and the magnetic-type with magnetic sheet for use on steel walls, whiteboards, etc.
It provides fast and easy attaching, projecting, operating, writing, data-storage, and circulating operations.

Sheet-type Interactive Panel UPIC


Copyboards for the World Markets

(approx. 38,340 sqm)

SPI, with its principal manufacturing facilities in Shantou, product development department in Shenzhen, and sales department in Shanghai, aims to be a manufacturer capable of developing, designing, manufacturing and marketing all by itself locally.
The company delivers a variety of electronic copyboards such as the Interactive Whiteboard (IWB), Copyboard (CB), Memory Whiteboard (MWB), Whiteboard (WB), and other high-quality associated devices and accessories. Furthermore, it has developed in collaboration with a local partner a nationwide distribution network through appointed regional dealers in fourteen (14) major locations in China.

Number of employees: 187 (as of Octber, 2013)
Certification attained: ISO9001 (Shantou AAA-grade Credit Enterprise)

Manufacturing of Metal Stationery & Optical Machines (Copyboards, others) and Domestic Sales in Chi

Yu Li Ming
Yu Li Ming
Marketing Manager,

I have been in sales ever since our expansion to the Chinese market with the founding of SPI in 2000.
Despite the anticipation of considerable difficulties in marketing copyboards, a product offering a new
conferencing style as yet unknown to the market, and the challenges actually encountered from time to time, I have been able to participate in SPI's growth with the good cooperation of our joint-venture partner Xuntai Co., Ltd., of Mr. Huang Shao Cong, President, and his staff members.
China, meantime, has developed in an unforeseeable leap into a vast market, currently ranked the world's second largest economic power.
We will continue to work hard to increase sales of our newly developed copyboards in 2012, striving to
establish the PLUS brand and further expand sales in this huge market, taking advantage of our knowledge and experience acquired up to now. I believe that SPI's future will depend on whether or not we can
successfully achieve the foregoing target.