Office Furniture

Offices are a media

 In addition to the manufacture and sales of office furniture, Furniture Company also works on the creation of wide-ranging spaces in a variety of fields from large offices and SOHOs (small offices/home offices) to hotels, as well as medical care, welfare and educational facilities. The main business of our office furniture involves teamwork of our sales and production departments to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction with the theme of “enhancing our capacity to respond to user needs”. Company operations also include interior design, FM (facility management) support services and office consulting services. We aim to create a new standard market for office furniture through our products that have “high quality, low prices and good design”, all while assessing the value sought by the current era.
 Our Center Factory in PLUSLAND (Maebashi Plant) manufactures desks and storage cabinets, and these products are delivered to users directly through the adjacent logistics center. The Atelier Factory has its own workshop and offers limited production runs of diversified types of wooden furniture, allowing made-to-order products and fast delivery.
 At PLUS Corporation, we regard the office as an important medium to represent each company’s corporate vision. We turn customers’ ideas into reality, and help customers create a unique office space to represent their own corporate value.