PLUS Plant

 Since PLUS Corporation was founded, we have established the PLUS brand and have continued to steadily expand our business in the stationery, office supplies and office furniture industries. Since 1984 we have released many hit products and have continued to plan and develop new products, making our name as a manufacturer who offers stationery and office supplies including correction tape, staplers, and files, and many unique products in the fields of office furniture, electro-optical equipment. Since 1991 most of our products have been manufactured at our Maebashi Plant, as well as our pioneering overseas plants in Vietnam and followed by two others in China. The fact that we have become a true manufacturer with our own plants was an important foundation for us to continue to create new business opportunities.

PLUS Group’s production base supplying stationery to the world

 The company started in 1995 as a stapler manufacturing factory with only 15 employees. Today, we have some 2,000 employees and manufacture over 2,000 items. The resolute concept that creating inferior products is a disgrace is our quality culture, and is supported by the high skills and high awareness of each and every employee. We supply high-quality products around the world based on Japanese standards. We have shown great results in our accumulation of technology and experience, by automating production processes that previously could only be done manually, as well as enhancing productivity through improvement activities, and effecting improvements in quality and production safety.
 We work to create a workplace that raises our employees’ desire for quality, and we also take human rights, labor standards and anti-corruption very seriously. As a result, we have successfully passed factory inspections in accordance with international standards.
 Employee satisfaction = customer satisfaction. It is only because our employees work with a sense of fulfillment that they can create products that delight our customers. Our Vietnam Plant is an important production base for the PLUS Group to expand its global market share.

・Bien Hoa Plant
 Focusing on manual labor operations such as manufacture and assembly of products, Bien Hoa Plant pro-duces various stationery and office products including correction tape, tape glue, Kes'pon Stamps, paper files, and staplers.

・Nhon Trach plant
 Nhon Trach Plant began operating in 2010, and is mainly responsible for mass production using machines. It produces metal stationery items such as scissors, staples, and clips, as well as PP folders, PP files, and paper files.

Production bases for stationery and office supplies

 The Shanghai Plant was founded in 2005. It was then expanded and relocated to Pudong New Area in Shanghai in September 2012 to strengthen supply power to the broadly developing Chinese market. Shantou Plant was established in 2000 and mainly manufactures the COPYBOARD and its peripheral devices, and also started manufacturing whiteboards in 2011. Thorough education is provided to the employees in both the Shanghai and Shantou Plants to improve the quality of products. Each employee considers how to ensure product quality on their own, and strives to improve themselves every day.

・Shanghai Plant
 After its expansion and relocation in 2012, in addition to the file products and OA labels already handled, a new production line was installed for correction tape, which is approaching the largest market share in the world, and in particular holds the top market share in Asia and several other developed countries. We plan to increase our sales ratios in the Chinese market, with a focus on correction tape. In the future, we aim to improve our production capacity through full automation, and strengthen our functionality as a local production for local consumption plant, providing high-quality products in a timelier manner including original products aimed at the Chinese market.

・Shantou Plant
 Shantou Plant manufactures COPYBOARD, as well as white-boards, and paper trimmers. We pursue the manufacture of unique, high-quality products to offer to the world. In addition, in our aim for the proposal and permeation of new meeting styles for the Chinese market, we have established authorized regional distributors in six major locations through cooperation with our partner in China, and are building a nationwide distribution network.

PLUS furniture production bases that coexist with the splendor of nature

 Maebashi Plant is the core of PLUS-LAND, an industrial complex on an extensive site of over 460,000㎡. The plant integrates various functions required for the development and pro-duction of office furniture, and inte-grated operations can be carried out in sequence, from research and analysis to design, manufacturing and delivery. A wide variety of office furniture is sup-plied to the market, including chairs, partitions, storage supplies, meeting tables and of course steel desks, which are close to having the highest produc-tion volume in Japan.
 Since the completion of our Mae-bashi plant in 1991, we have amassed cost reduction knowhow there.We implement detailed cost reduction with-out compromising quality through efforts such as standardizing compo-nents and using them in multiple prod-ucts. We also work on improving our employees’ technical skills. We strive daily to improve both quality and skills, such as introducing a bipartite wooden board combined processing machine (BIMA) in the production line where custom orders are made to improve the level of customization.