PLUS no kokoro

PLUS, and Beyond!
What we aim to achieve it, the PLUS goal.
The PLUS Group, since its foundation, has firmly established its brand and sustained steady growth in the industries, from stationery,
office supplies and furniture to distribution and logistics systems.
The present-day challenges of diverse customer needs and the fast-changing globalization, however, demand increased inventiveness,
dynamism and mutual solidarity among us.
To step into our future , each of us should understand the PLUS way and live up to it.

Our Philosophy

Who we are & What we are striving for

Unique Values - Higher Satisfaction.

How do we attain unique values?

Our PLUS Group co-exists with society. While cherishing universal standards, we all need to create new value.
To succeed, each of us needs to expand our power based on: our challenging spirit, our sensitivity and our perseverance:

  • * An undaunted challenging spirit to create new markets on our own;
  • * Keeping a sharp lookout for unique values, holding distinct views from others, and keeping a watchful eye on whatever small happenings occur around with acute sensitivity; and
  • * Perseverance in our daily pursuit of personal and corporate innovation and discovery.

What we mean by
higher satisfaction?

This means we offer our customers, more than products or services, we offer the customer satisfaction.
With your innovation in products and services, we will give our customers unprecedented, enhanced satisfaction, which will benefit ourselves and society.
Unique values results in higher satisfaction.
It is with our utmost delight that we aim at accomplishing the PLUS Group’s mission, and our dedication to social contribution.

Our Vision

What field and activity we are dedicating ourselves to in the next 5 to 10 years

We at PLUS strive to provide people all over the world with goods and services that support and promote comfortable, pleasant, smart lifestyles and workspaces, and contribute to the sustainable advancement of society.

We are striving to provide comfortable, pleasant and smart work-cum-play spaces for offices, public premises, educational, hospital and welfare institutes.
We aspire to provide people with workspaces with ongoing distinct values.
We dedicate ourselves to deliver products and services to our customers, youngsters and adults alike, that they will find more than simply useful for their daily lives.
We want them to acquire the PLUS-Habit of expecting not only functional efficiency but also personal comfort and pleasing environmental design, in a ground-breaking unique culture of craftsmanship and value-creation that we are striving to foster.

Our Values

Core PLUS Values

As we strive for uniqueness we will:

  • ・Promote customer-first respect
  • ・See our world through the eyes of the consumer
  • ・Respect & support free thinking and individualism
  • ・Value designs with dedication and perseverance
  • ・Perpetually challenge and innovate

To accomplish our mission, it is vital that collectively we each share an overall common vision and values.
Customer satisfaction is always at the heart of our business.
“Customer-first respect”, therefore, is what we value more than anything.
Thus, we should view business from the consumer perspectives.
Our people are our valuable asset. Our respect for freedom and individualism combined with keen design-consciousness will foster rich creativity in the entire PLUS Group.
To create new values, each of us should always be mindful of perpetual challenges and innovation, and never cease the quest for uniqueness.

Our Guidelines for Actions

In compliance with Core PLUS Values

  • ・Try unconventional, unique methods in our business approach.
  • ・Spare no effort to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.
  • ・Work dedicatedly, mindful of the responsibilities as a member of your family and society.
  • ・Strive for originality, while cherishing teamwork and unity.
  • ・Persevere in pursuing and offering brilliant and agreeable products and services.
  • ・Challenge the future with a passion to change the existing system and society.

More passionate
More properly
Be more yourself, be unique!
Be more creatively innovative
Make a fresh start in your life

Be more of
a PLUS person

Go forward, PLUS.

Let each one of us always bear in mind the PLUS Group’s mission, vision, values and guideline for actions, and together we will advance to a new level of PLUS and a dawning era.

PLUS no Peco [pí:k∂u]
The green little bird inhabiting PLUSLAND that brightens up the lives of our valued customers and ourselves.