mizutama &+PLUS kawa-week☆(kawaii week)



Decoration tape "Petit Deco Rush" will be releasing its' second
collaborated design with the illustrator, mizutama! +PLUS will
be holding a collaboration event, themed around "kawaii",
with her to celebrate this release.

Limited numbers of Petit Deco Rush designed by and
collaborated with mizutama will be available in 14 different
patterns. In our second collaboration with her, the designs are
easy and cute to use in your every day schedule planner.
A complete set will also be available in limited numbers.
Come check them out at +PLUS!

▽Petit Deco Rush: second collaboration and design by mizutama



mizutama (Kasumi Tanabe):
Illustrator and an eraser stamp artist

Started making eraser stamps since 2005,
and has been holding workshops all around Japan.
Started drawing as an illustrator since 2012.
Multiple collaborations for stationeries and books
with stationery companies.





+PLUS will be exhibiting approximately 400 coasters illustrated by mizutama
that she has been drawing and saving from her every day life.

An exhibition booth will be available for you to see
how mizutama's Petit Deco Rush was created!

See the rough sketches of Petit Deco Rush, and learn some fun facts about tape.




Make a gift tag with Petit Deco Rush!

Experience making gift tags with stationery goods
from PLUS during kawa- week☆

Anyone will be able to join for free when visiting our shop!




Receive a free gift of a coaster-shaped bookmarker
collaborated with mizutama with any purchase in-store
over 1,000 yen (tax incl.) during kawa-week☆!
(only available in limited number/1 per purchase)

Come experience the world of mizutama available only for three weeks!
We hope to see you at the shop!


■About us

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source of brand information aimed at gaining greater recognition of PLUS by the customers.
Stationery, office furniture, meeting products... We have collected the latest items from each product area
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In hopes that the PLUS products and services can be of help to our customers in making their work smarter
and more enjoyable,+ PLUS will continue to broadcast information about these PLUS products and services.




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