The PLUS Group


The PLUS Group consists of PLUS Corporation, the consolidated subsidiaries, and the principal affiliated company (as of December 2013).

Group Head PLUS PLUS Corporarion ■ Net Sales: 83.6 billion yen(fiscal year ended December 2013)

Stationery Company Development, manufacture and sales of stationery productsPlanning, development and sales of copyboards and other products

Furniture Company Manufacture and sales of office furniture, and interior constructionGarage Business

JOINTEX Company Realizing cost-reduction solutions
for office supplies through human support and ITsmartoofficesmartschool

PLUS VIETNAM INDUSTRIAL Co.,Ltd.PLUS Stationery Shanghai Co., Ltd.SHANTOU PLUS INSTRUMENTS CO., LTD.TAIWAN PLUS CorporationPLUS Corporation of AmericaPLUS Europe GmbH

Biznet Corporation Package supporting services from indirect material procurement to logistics solutions. Net Sales: 8 billion yen(fiscal year ended December 2013)

PLUS Logistics Corporation Total logistics, interior decoration and recycling of confidential documents Net Sales: 9.3 billion yen(fiscal year ended December 2013)

PLUS Cargo Service Co., Ltd.NSK Corporation

Due to the change to the previous fiscal year-end, the current consolidated financial results cover the corresponding period of seven (7) months and eleven (11) days.