Team interview


Lin, Hung Yin
Lin, Hung YinGeneral Manager, Sales Dep., TAIWAN PLUS CORPORATION
Established in 1985, TAIWAN PLUS CORPORATION is the first among the PLUS Group
companies pioneering in expandinginto overseas markets. Over the past 27 years our team in Taiwan have been moving steadfastly forward together. We first started selling mainly office products, then further widening our product range to meet the needs for stationery that were widely used in everyday life in the growing economy.
We have further launched and gradually penetrated into the market environmentally friendly products, personal information protection-aided security products, etc., which innovative developments have been made from new viewpoints.
Correction tapes remain our top sales item, whilst our glue tape and Keshipon stamps also gain favorable reception from the market. The customers' expectation has beccome a strong motive power for our continual strive forward. It's our commitment to always providing our customers the most reliable quality, at competitive prices, and easy-to-use products.
Nguyen Huu Trong
Nguyen Huu TrongSales Manager, PLUS VIETNAM INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.
It's a great pleasure to be able to offer products that satisfy our customers. Being in sales, we relish the customers' confidence derived from our understanding of their likings.
I'm highly motivated by the new challenges in the fast-changing modern time, happy to be working in the rapidly growing market environment. We keep thinking constantly about how to achieve our sales target. New ideas come up and action plans are developed accordingly.
We learn how to put past sales experience to good use and never stop improving our
We are striving to achieve our mision toward overcoming whatever problems encountered, increasing the PLUS brand-awareness and establishing our brand in the market.
Presently we are working intensively to increase sales in the domestic market in Vietnam, and are planning on exporting and expanding sales of our products to the neighboring
countries Cambodia, Laos, Myanma, etc.
Ly Thi Ngoc Diep
Ly Thi Ngoc DiepInformation Control Dep., PLUS VIETNAM INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.
I was sent to Japan on a one-month training course in November 2011. During the period I learned about life, culture, and corporate know-how in Japan.
Before the training at the PLUS headquarters I took Japanese lessons at the AOTS Tokyo
Training Center, where I made acquaintances with many fellow trainees from other Asian countries. It was with great difficulty for us to try to communicate with one another in
Japanese, non-native to any of us. Language is indeed a vehicle for mutual understanding in cross-cultural environment, an essential verbal communication tool for doing business overseas. I hope to turn what I've learned in Japan to good account in increasing the productivity of our work. Back here from the trip, I think I'm more confident of myself when speaking with my Japanese colleagues. I hope to stay with this company for a long time. I wish to broaden special knowledge and learn more technical terms concerning production technology to allow me to make whatever contribution to the company's growth.
Zhang Huan Huan
Zhang Huan HuanBox Team Leader, Manufacturing Dep., PLUS Stationery Shanghai Co., Ltd.
I became a member of our big family PLUS on February 20, 2006. Over the past 6 years, I've witnessed the tremendous growth of our company in terms of production capability: from merely two automated assembly lines for the simple box files and flat files at the start, to some tens of different products presently. PSS's floor area has also increased from 1,500 sqm initially to 4,000 sqm at present.
I've witnessed myself such changes so far as a member of the company, and I'm proud of myself for having put in continued efforts for my share in our company's advancement. I wish to move forward with PLUS and make contributions to its progress.
May I ask you to see for yourself what changes will be made to PSS in five years' time?
Wang Xian Bin
Wang Xian BinSupervisor, Sales Dep., PLUS Stationery Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Along with the economic development, stationery and office supplies have increasingly made inroads into the Chinese daily commodities industries. The trend is undoubtedly gathering momentum. Many large-size stationers have become our distributors, and the PLUS brand-awareness as well as our market share are on the rise.
I feel very happy and proud to be a member of the big family PLUS.
I will motivate our enthusiastic sales team to keep moving forward aggressively with our ork.
I am confident that PLUS will expand further in China and will become the No. 1 leader in the world.
Tao Zhi Ming
Tao Zhi MingAssistant General Manager, Production Department PLUS Stationery Shanghai Co., Ltd.
It's been almost a year since I joined PSS. The time seemed to have passed in an unordinary way. In those first days at work, I hardly knew anyone around in the new workplace. However, thanks to the unfailing assistance from caring colleagues, I gradually managed to perform my work duties. I was then dispatched to Vietnam for training to improve my management
capability. This has been a stepping stone to better understandings. I hope to share in
establishing a scientific management structure, superior corporate culture, pleasant work environment, and look forward to PLUS's further prosperity and advancement in future.
This year, PSS has made an action plan for the next five years with great targets to achieve. Believing in our company's progress, I will make every possible effort toward the shared challenge.
I am proud to be a member of the PLUS family, and will be working hard with the PSS team toward realizing the dream that we all believe in and share.
Klaus Weyers
Klaus WeyersSales Manager, PLUS Europe GmbH
“ Be a true global company “ world markets are growing together - faster and faster. The speed to spread out information is tremendously increasing. What famous today in the USA will be famous tomorrow in Asia or Europe and vice versa. Needs and demands of consumers in each corner of the world are getting similar or even equal.
This inhibits tremendous business potential – which every company in the world should
exploit, in order to expand its own business.
Nevertheless differences in culture, habits and purchasing power of the worldwide consumer will still remain. A company, which operates globally and respects the local characteristics has best chances to succeed.
PLUS Corporation is going that way. We think global and act local! A clear global strategy build upon innovative and advanced products - which are really new to the markets - a
dominant market position in the home market Japan, sound financial resources and a close relationship to our clients and consumers are key success factors on the way of PLUS
Corporation to become a true global company.
However the warrantor of success is the winning spirit of the entire company and our team. A team of multinational talented people, who are keen to learn from each other and willing to make things happen - steered by strong leadership and enjoying the full support of the PLUS Group management.
Kosin Kamsut
Kosin KamsutGeneral Manager, PLUS-BBG Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.
Our company’s history with PLUS has dated back since 1985, since the day of Kiss10 BoardFax. Then, there were quite few copyboards from few manufacturers from Japan. PLUS, however, stands out and outlasts most of them, but just one other company. In fact, PLUS is the number one electronic board supplier in Japan. During the years, PLUS has never stopped to
innovate. PLUS was the first to introduce color copyboard (BF-040), then M-10 up to N-20 series as their latest achievement.
Color definition redefines businesses in boardrooms and meeting rooms. Along the line is the new Network Color Captureboard C20 series, where meeting could be at its easiest and clearest. Here, minimum efforts can bring in greatest rewards, with PLUS Captureboards as the right tool at hands. As time passes, new products emerge, but one thing stands out
is PLUS commitment to excellence.
PLUS would provide customers with products of superior quality and innovations at the edge of technology. Today, we enter the mobile segment. PLUS newest electronic boards (N-20, C-20, N-204) could “transport” data at a touch of mobile phone or tablet.
One has to see to believe the advance and convenience of these newest PLUS electronic boards. PLUS is at the edge of technology and intends to stay ahead of the game. One more thing, keep alert on PLUS UPIC interactive sheets & tablets as I’m sure PLUS would surprise business world with outstanding products unique to their signature. I can hardly wait to see the new standards to be set by PLUS again in very near future.